The beginnings – 1977 to 1990

The Müller-Elektronik success story started in 1977 when Heinrich Müller registered the business for the industrial manufacture and marketing of area measurement devices. From 1984 onwards, Müller-Elektronik quickly grew into a medium-sized company. The introduction of the trade fair for agricultural technology, AGRITECHNICA, held for the first time in 1985, was an excellent opportunity for the young company to present itself to the public.

In 1987 the company changed its name and became known as Müller-Elektronik GmbH. At the same time, the engineering firm Buschmeier was founded by Mr Rudolf Buschmeier. These two companies were to form the basis of future developments. In spring 1989 the company moved to its new headquarters at Franz-Kleine-Str. 18 in Salzkotten, where it is still based today. The company has taken on apprentices since autumn 1989.

Milestones and awards:

1987: UNI-Control with chipcard – Goldmedaille AGRITECHNICA
1989: Computer aided farming with GPS  – Goldmedaille AGRITECHNICA

Programmed for growth – 1991 to 2000

The company now had 50 employees and was quickly running out of space so the building was extended in 1993. In the same year a merger took place between Müller-Elektronik GmbH and the engineering firm Buschmeier. From then on, their activities would be carried out jointly as Müller-Elektronik GmbH & Co. (ME).

Another milestone was reached in 1995 when the company gained DIN/ISO 9001 certification, which firmly established quality-conscious thinking and behaviour within the company and ensured that it was documented for the outside world. Regular inspections and audits have taken place since then.

Where technological progress is concerned, ME has always performed exceptionally well. As a result, the company is regarded as a pathfinder and pace-setter in the field of agricultural electronics. ME’s efforts in relation to the standardisation of the Agricultural BUS System (Landwirtschaftliches BUS-System – LBS), the forerunner of today’s ISOBUS, were recognised in 1999 with the award of the Max Eyth Medal to Mr Rudolf Buschmeier.

Milestones and awards:

1993: UNI-Pilot LBS-Terminal – Goldmedaille AGRITECHNICA
1995: CEBIS electronic system for combines
1997: LBS – Control and LBS implement controller

We become international – 2001 to 2010

The founding of the subsidiary ME-France in 2007 enabled Müller-Elektronik to keep abreast of growing interest in the rest of Europe. ME-France operates as a sales office and development centre and can respond quickly to local needs.

2009 saw a change at the top: after more than 30 years, founder Heinrich Müller withdrew from the company management and handed over the business to his son Christian Müller who headed the company in conjunction with Rudolf Buschmeier from 1 July 2009.

Demand for ME products was also high across the pond, and for this reason ME founded subsidiaries in South and North America in 2010.

Milestones and awards:

2001: ISOBUS protagonist: BASIC TERMINAL for ISO-11783
2003: BASIC-Terminal TOP, AMATRON+, TRACK-Leader
2003: CROP-Meter – Silver medal AGRITECHNICA
2004: Precision Farming with BASIC-TERMINAL TOP
2005: ECO-Reflex for Vineyard/Orchard Sprayer
2007: Parallel guidance system/SECTION-Control/Track Guide
2008: ISO XML/Autosteering system
2009: FIELD-Nav / FarmPilot
2010: Oscar for medium-sized businesses

The second generation – 2011 to today

The final generational change took place in June 2011: Rudolf Buschmeier handed over his role in the company’s management, leadership of the development department, to Carsten Jochheim, the son-in-law of founder Heinrich Müller. He now heads the company together with Christian Müller.

The number of employees is growing all the time. Müller-Elektronik currently has 200 employees at the Salzkotten site and 330 employees across the group, with approximately 30% of staff working in research and development.

To enable further growth, a new building with a floor area of 6,000 m² is currently being constructed, creating space for production and storage areas and the development department. The moving-in date is scheduled for autumn 2013.

The new building will increase the office, production and testing area at the Salzkotten site to just under 15,000 m².