Excellent ideas

For a long time Müller-Elektronik has been known as the think tank in agricultural electronics. Also 2012 started accordingly.

ME was cooperating with a group of scientists around Professor Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Hilleringmann from the Electrotechnical Institute of Paderborn University in order to develop an extremely precise and dirt-resistant seed sensor in drilling machines. With this project, the scientists participated in the NRW university competition “Zukunft – Erfinden” (Invent the Future) and were awarded the special prize “Fortschritt durch Transfer” (Progress through Transfer) for this sensor by Svenja Schulze, Minister of Innovation, Science and Research for North-Rhine Westphalia.

Sebastian Meyer zu Hoberge, Prof. Ulrich Hilleringmann (both University of Paderborn) and Carsten Jochheim (Managing Director Müller-Elektronik)