ME equipment passes the DLG test "ISOBUS-Praxis"

With the ISOBUS standard, a manufacturer-independent standard has been available for different manufacturers for some time now. For several years DLG has been testing various components for basic conformity pursuant to ISO Standard 11783. During that time, agricultural technology has matured, and more extensive functions going far beyond ISOBUS basic functions are needed and have been adopted for precision farming.

Following these requirements, DLG developed a new test which supplements the DLG conformity test used since 2000. The primary focus of the “ISOBUS-Praxis” test is practical application and it tests manufacturer-independent, specific equipment combinations. In addition, connection to farm software was tested for the first time.

For the first round, equipment and/or equipment combinations were provided for the test by e.g. Kverneland, Müller-Elektronik, John Deere, Land-Data Eurosoft and Fliegl.

Müller-Elektronik subjected both the “COMFORT-Terminal” and “Job computer sprayer” to testing and passed the test successfully in both instances. Hiding behind this identification are central Müller ISOBUS components, used by a large number of manufacturers. In the test reports, available for free download, users interested in the results can find all important information in brief and clear form.