•     ISOBUS-compatible
  •     Outstanding functionality
  •     Ideal for integration into assistance systems
  •     User-friendly
  •     Saves time, money and resources
  • The SPRAY-Controller MAXI is an ISOBUS job computer for controlling crop sprayers. It acts as a central control unit and offers all the functions required for modern precision farming. In addition to GPS-assisted section switching (SECTION-Control) and individual nozzle switching (SECTION-Control TOP), the MAXI also offers automatic boom height adjustment (DISTANCE-Control), spray mixture fill level measurement (TANK-Control) and much more. These functions guarantee maximum yields at minimum cost. Assistance systems also make it possible to work for longer periods while improving the quality of work, even at night or in poor visibility.

    ISOBUS technology enables machines to be operated by a manufacturer-independent terminal which also meets the ISOBUS standard (ISO 11783). This integrated system with its wide variety of equipment options is also extremely user-friendly. The ISOBUS functionality makes control settings easier, reduces downtime, minimizes installation and interface problems, and makes tedious calibration procedures a thing of the past.

  • Operating Voltage 8V to 30V
    Operating Temperature -4 to +158° F
    Storage Temperature -22 to +176° F
    Weight 2.8 Lb
    Dimensions (W x H x D) 8.8 x 8.4 x 3.8 in
    Protection Class IP 64 in accordance with DIN 40050/15
    EMC In accordance with ISO 14982/ PREN 55025
    ESD Protection In accordance with ISO 10605 Level 3
    Power Input Max 0.6 A at 7 W
    Processor 32 Bit ARM920T up to 400 MHz
    Boot-USB 128MB
    Internal Clock Buffered by capacitor, keeps the time for 2 weeks without an external power supply.











  • ECU-Maxi-002