• ECU Mini

    The ISOBUS job computer for field sprayers equips your sprayer with technology that we have developed to meet the latest requirements of ISO standard 11783. Our long experience, gained during more than 20 years of developing CAN bus components, has played a vital role in the design of this technology. You can connect your ISOBUS compatible field sprayer to any tractor fitted with an ISOBUS terminal.
    The number of agricultural machines, implements and tractors equipped with ISOBUS compatible job computers and terminals will rise rapidly in the future. Therefore, installing ISOBUS equipment on your field sprayer already puts you one step ahead.

  • Power Supply 10 to 16 Volt DC
    Current Consumption 400mA (without power output)
    Standby Current 70µ A
    Temperature range -4 to +158 ° F
    Protection rating IP66K to DIN40050 Dust tight and protected against water jets.
    Environmental testing Vibration and shock testing in accordance iwth IEC68-2
    Dimensions(L x W x H) 9.84 x 9.13 x 3.03 in