• Simple recording of destinations
  • Wasted journeys and scouting trips are avoided
  • Reliable field identification
  • Improved organisation of logistics chains
  • Reliable navigation in fog, at night and in unfamiliar areas
  • FN-App

    FIELD-Nav is the first navigation software to include every drivable route, take account of access restrictions, and guide drivers directly to the field or other agricultural destination. FIELD-Nav was specially developed for contractors, machinery syndicates and farmers. Destinations can be recorded in different ways, and the map material can be individually edited to include a number of attributes such as entrance, height or tonnage restrictions. This avoids wasted journeys and scouting trips.

    Fleet management

    Automatic navigation of machinery fleets is available when FIELD-Nav is combined with farmpilot. The destination coordinates and field boundaries are transmitted on the basis of tasks. For example, in a forage harvesting chain farmpilot can automatically guide the vehicles between the silo and the forage harvester. The transport vehicles “know” which way to go even when the harvester moves to another field. Tasks and vehicles in the fleet are also displayed in the overview.