• One terminal controls several implements and machines, regardless of manufacturer.
  • ISOBUS standardizes the control settings, reduces downtime and minimizes installation and interface problems. Calibration is no longer necessary and user-friendliness is increased
  • The standardized, nine-pin plug makes it very easy to connect different components.
  • Costs are reduced because you only have to buy one terminal.
  • Unrestricted visibility in the cab, bringing improvements in safety.
  • ISOBUS improves operating efficiency and optimises timings as data can be exchanged between the farm PC and the terminal.
  • ISOBUS is essential for producing flawless documentation and in precision farming
  • ISOBUS-App

    The ISOBUS-UT app activates ISOBUS machine control. With this app, even the TRACK-Guide II, for example, can be transformed into a full ISOBUS terminal which conforms to ISOBUS standard 11783. It can be used as a Universal-Terminal (UT) to control all machines which meet with the standard, regardless of manufacturer.

    One terminal for all machines and every application.