• Less overlapping
  • Fewer untreated areas
  • Early warning of obstacles
  • Work at night or in poor visibility
  • Ability to work in beds
  • TL-App

    This app can be combined with a D-GPS receiver so that, even in poor visibility, you can drive accurately along parallel tracks in A/B-, A+-, multi A-B, circle, headland or contour mode. Obstacles can also be marked and saved with field data such as boundaries and guidance lines. Data can be transferred from the farm PC by USB memory device or farmpilot. Interrupted operations can be saved and resumed at any time.

    Working with TRACK-Leader

    The lower section of the screen shows the machine with the guide line, and the upper section contains the header with a number of configuration options. The steering instructions can be displayed by on-screen light bar or text. In SECTION-View mode, the header can also be used for manual section control to indicate when sections should be activated or deactivated. Arrows on the screen show the steering direction and amount of deviation. As an option, the on-screen lightbar can be enhanced by an external light bar which attracts the driver’s attention to the steering recommendations.