• The interior of the field can be worked before the headland
  • Less overlapping and therefore fewer untreated areas
  • Savings on fertilizer, seed and spray products
  • Ideal for liquid fertilizer application: no build-up of fertilizer on the machine
  • Particularly useful for seeding, especially for triangular areas
  • HC-App

    This app is ideal for spraying and seeding operations. It creates a headland, enabling SECTION-Control to activate or deactivate the crop sprayer or seeder automatically at the inner headland line. The headland is displayed visually on the terminal, based on the field boundary and the adjustable working width.

    Working with HEADLAND-Management

    The field boundary can be taken from a shape file or from the farm management information system via an ISOBUS task, or can be generated directly in the terminal by driving round the field. SECTION-Control automatically takes effect at the visual line between the headland and the interior of the field, and switches off the seeding unit on the seeder or the sections of the crop sprayer. The headland can then be worked at the end, without unnecessary overlaps. The number of guidance lines on the headland is freely selectable. HEADLAND-Management also offers the guide line function. Headland management can also be used without SECTION-Control, e.g. to enable the operator to raise the seeder manually in good time.